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LEROSETT® The Organic Acne Experts Since 1987
You Have Never Used Acne Products Like These Before.

We are the only acne brand making professional acne products that are based on hydroponically grown organic aloe and our famous organic clay. Most all acne products are over 90% water with harsh chemicals and drugs that cannot cure acne and will not heal skin quickly. Since acne products are made mostly of water, they’re effectively non-therapeutic. LEROSETT® acne product are based on organic nutrients instead of water which are therapeutic by their very nature and will heal your skin up to 5x faster than common acne products. Makers of the Only Naturally Medicated FDA Approved 100% Organic Aloe Based Acne Treatment







How Do I know if an Acne Product is any Good?

First, is the brand reputable? Reviews from acne experts are a lot more important than celebrity endorsements. Make sure actual professionals use the products. Second, check the ingredients. Unfortunately, almost all acne products are effectively the same. The main ingredient is water and the active ingredient is usually benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Acne is only treatable, not curable so it's important to use a brand that heals the skin long-term. Water is not a healing agent but aloe, especially our hydroponically grown aloe, is. When a product uses aloe at concentrations of 60% or higher, pimples heal much faster than many topical salves. The clog (dead skin cells) that caused the pimple can easily be prevented by our 100% organic proprietarily treated clay, which helps detox the skin and infuse minerals that minimize oil production.

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3 Keys to Long-Term Clear Skin

Full Line of Proven Effective Organic (Topical) Acne Products

The only FDA approved organic aloe based acne treatment.

Proven Effective All Natural Supplements For Clear Skin

For many people ClearPoint is the missing key to clear skin.

Licensed Skin Care Counseling by Phone, Chat or Email

Everything you need to know you can learn from our site.

We Only Use The Most Effective Ingredients Available in Natural Skin Care. If May Cost More Than Water But its The Only Way To Get Real Results Our #1 ingredient is always 100% organic, nutrient rich, hydrophonically grown,

100% Organic Aloe or Our Exclusive Mineral Rich Clay

If organic skin care is going to have any real effect on your skin, the main ingredient must be 100% organic, not water.

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